Friday, November 10, 2017

Fall has ... fallen?

We say Spring has sprung, but the same can't be said for its opposite. And did I say cooler weather a month ago? Wishful thinking. Well, today is cooler (in the 60s!), but it's mostly been in the 80s. Technically, that is cooler than a million degrees, but not what I expected. We've been running about in tank tops, shorts, and sandals ... as usual ... but we've been talking about Fall and leaves and pumpkins. Suddenly I feel like Olaf listing off all the things he thinks he loves about Summer: "I've always loved the idea of Summer and s u n and all things h o t." I understand that sentiment. Before I move on, since I'm starting by talking about today, I have to include that Paul's lost his very first tooth. Well, his second to lose, but his first to fall out in the you're-growing-up way and not by landing mouth first on a hotel bathroom floor! Very exciting. We'll have to see what the Tooth Fairy is up to bringing these days...

Anywho. We've managed to fill this last month again! Funny how that happens. Several family birthdays, Ginny & Ryan celebrated 2 years of marriage, we had our first parent-teacher conference where we heard about our social butterfly (huh, what, now?!), went to a black tie opening exhibit gala, attended our first two Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra concerts included in our membership (and our first as a family), celebrated Hallowtide with trick-or-treating, soul cakes, and the first annual Eggs in Purgatory meal 😂 for All Souls Day, called Paul in sick a couple of days but enjoyed having him home, participated in a 5k, and got some more landscaping done on our overhaul, which will eventually have its own before/after post. Here are some snaps from all that and more. Oh! And the Houston Astros won the World Series, for which D and I stayed up to watch all 7 games, but we don't have any photos from that. Just a fun fact.

Wednesdays on the Point outdoor concert series
Hurricane fake-out grilling
How we do appointments now
Halloween package from Nana & Pappy, each engrossed in his or her favorite things: Ada, the Belle costume; Paul his doctor costume & accoutrement; Jack? The Oreos.
Ada is Belle - reading, of course ... and then a shift to Cinderella?
Morning Call!
 Neighborhood Halloween party
 LPO's Halloween special! They loved it!
 Pumpkin-buying at the store bc there aren't patches down here ... shout-out to Farmer John's in Austin, MN!
 Being cool
 Outside Paul's classroom!
Children's Museum! Playing house + Ada's domesticity, wow!

 Actually playing and not just knocking everything down!
JP II Day: pierogis + Brussels Sprouts. P&A snubbed the fried-in-butter dumplings? But asked for more sprouts. Whatever.
 Getting to be buddies
Uncle Pete's great job celebrating Halloween included a win for a cookie decorating contest and some Astros love
How we decided Jack's costume, with the clear winner:
 Our turn to decorate! Paul wanted one with star eyes, and the other was the St. Louis Cathedral
Paul's school's Fall Fest 
 We have a Dr. Paul, a Mr. Ladybug, and a Belle, who also has bones under her skin. Also a Cpt. Obvious, duh.
All Saints Day's soul cakes and saints matching game
All Souls Day "Eggs in Purgatory" lol ... shoulda taken a picture of the finished product, of course, instead. It's eggs poached inside the cooking spicy tomato sauce!
 Sickies getting to watch a movie
Paul's spotting me finishing the 5k! 
Pepper Jack's stack
Miss Heather's Pumpkin Patch at Paul's request after his visiting one of the church parking lot ones ... he asked to see a "grassy one, please". Voilà!

There ya have it, ladies & gents, a beautiful start to Fall. Here's to less humidity and an occasional "sweater weather" day from now until Mardi Gras! I'll leave you with the eldest's new, enlarged gap: